Update 05/17



This is just an update which is done at the end of every month. I know that I’ve been traveling a lot and have not been following the schedule for the blog. And I apologizes to everyone that had been with me and continue to read my blog. I have had one set back after another with the SellingKatenna brand. I wish I could say that everything is fix and that I’m ready to launch the brand and products. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. So now I’m working on what I got to start with because the show must go on. I thank everyone for their patients and continuous faith in the SellingKatenna brand. Even though my team and I have a lot of setback we are now moving forward. We were able to get the old website address back and will be setting up the e-commerce site soon. Other than staying focus on the brand I had to put my next book on the back burner until everything is done. So just know that everything is coming soon.

As always Fam Stay Blessed